The best safari destinations in Africa

Essential Tanzania

Northern Tanzania is where most first-time visitors go, lured by the magic of its most famous parks: Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and Tarangire. Together they offer an unbeatable feast of big-game viewing and sensational scenery that will leave you longing to return.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Located in the extreme southwest of the country on the border with Tanzania, Maasai Mara National Reserve is Kenya's quintessential safari destination. Covering over 580 square miles/1,500 square kilometers, it's home to the Big Five and is famous for its thriving big cat populations.

Kruger National Park

It’s renowned as the easiest spot to see the Big Five, aided by its unfenced borders with Africa’s finest game reserves.

Exotic animals to watch in Africa


To see a lion in its natural habitat is one of the most humbling, impressive sights an African safari can offer. Lions spend up to 20 hours a day at rest, and are most active at dusk and dawn.

Banded Mongoose

Also called a Mungos mungo (aka “the African animal so nice, they named it twice”), pack life is important to these small carnivores, which live in groups of roughly 20 animals and sleep together at night in underground dens.

Precious Panther

Lurking in the forests of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares is a surprise… the elusive black panther, a rarely glimpsed version of the leopard. Though spotted leopards are seen across Africa, these gorgeous black versions seem to only exist in this corner of East Africa.

Tips on how to get on a photo safari trip

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    Know the best time of year to go on a safari

    We heard horror stories of forty jeeps surrounding a pack of lions and their kill, all vying for the perfect photo during the Masai Mara's peak season and of paved roads in Kruger meaning that weekends are now not too dissimilar to a theme park. By visiting in low season, you'll avoid the worst of this, and many of your wildlife encounters may be experienced in isolation.

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    Talk to an expert (email correspondence is not enough) who has been to the areas you want to visit and who knows a range of products, so they can steer you to the experience that will best suit you. The web on its own will not give you a balanced view.

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    No Yelling!

    Shhh… You aren’t in a zoo and the animals are not domesticated. When safari goers are visiting animals in their natural habitat the excitement can be overwhelming.

Heroes Behind the Company

Whether you want to search for mysterious landscapes in Africa or just take a photo of the Big 5, we will satisfy all your needs. If you have a travel bucket list, taking an African photo safari should be at the top. This is a great way to view wild animals in their natural habitat.

It’s the adventure of a lifetime to experience the legendary wildebeest migration, as over two million wildebeest, zebra, impala, gazelle, and more thunder across the grasslands…

So, if you are ready to get on a photo safari trip, take the best camera that you have and go with our professional team! One more tip for safari travelers - you need to be ready to get up early because animals are active in the morning!

Arapmoi Kruper

A professional photo safari guide in Africa

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